Control your lock from your Apple® device.

Did you remember to lock the door?
Who is coming and going from your house?
What if I need to let someone in while I'm not there?
When did the kids get home?

You've managed important aspects of life from your smartphone for years. Why not have the same control over your home? Premis is designed to help you look after your home and family—even when you're away.

Compatibility Information

Kwikset Premis Compatibility

Compatible with Apple HomePod®

With HomePod, you can use Siri voice commands to control your smart lock. Plus, you’ll enjoy the benefits of remote access for convenient control and management of your smart home.

Premis Touch Screen Lock Works with Apple HomePod

3 ways to lock or unlock

Three convenient and secure ways to access your Premis lock. Make your selection below to experience how easy it is to use!

select a demo

"Siri, lock the front door."

Use Siri voice commands to lock your door.

"Siri, unlock the front door."

Use Siri voice commands to unlock your door.

See how SecureScreen™ keeps you safe.

SecureScreen technology provides additional security by employing random digits prior to entering your personal code to prevent fingerprint and code detection on the touchscreen surface.

See how it works! Activate SecureScreen™ by clicking on the touchscreen.

SecureScreen™ displays two random numbers. Touch both to continue.

The full screen is now revealed. Enter the code to unlock: 1-3-5-7

The door is now unlocked! To start over, touch the lock button to lock the door.

Wrong code. Enter the access code to unlock: 1-3-5-7

A day with Premis.

Your iPhone is a part of your daily life. With the Premis app installed, your iPhone becomes your mobile security command center. So you can continue on with your life with security and peace of mind.


Did you lock the door?

Remote Access*

Rushing off to work again? You can use the Premis app to check the status of your lock. Never wonder if you remembered to lock the door.

*Remote access control with Apple TV® (4th generation or later)


Dog walker arrives.

User Codes

Assign up to 30 customizable user codes to family, guests, and service professionals like your dog walker. The Premis app notifies you when each code is used, so you're always in the know.


Did the kids get home safely?

Lock Status

Whose user code was last used to enter the home? More importantly, at what time? You can easily check lock activity and lock status using your Premis app.


Last check before bed.

In-Home Locking and Unlocking

Already upstairs in bed but can't remember if you locked your front door? Check the status of your lock and lock it from your iPhone. At the end of your day, you can rest knowing all is well.

Purposeful design.

Premis delivers convenient features and superior security in a slim profile and compact interior size that complements any decorative style.

  • Capacitive Touchscreen with White LED
  • Small Interior Design
  • All-Metal Housing
  • Tamper-Resistant Cover
  • Battery & Lock Status LED
Apple Compatible Touch Screen Smart Locks

Available in Multiple Styles